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Calisher & Terry Carbines
A New Zealand team is compiling a register of Calisher & Terry Carbines (and rifles).

They are seeking the Serial Number engraved on the trigger guard tang, marks on the butt tang and wooden butt, also the marks on the lock plate, plus any provenance. They would also appreciate images of lock plates and left and right sides of the complete carbine or rifle.

Joseph Lang
Robert Hodges is the great, great grandson of E.C. Hodges who is reputed to have made the first British improved prototype of the Lefaucheux breechloader which was then sold to Joseph Lang.

Now writing a book on Joseph Lang, Robert is seeking assistance with pictures of guns, pistols, and rifles.

Lorenz Rifle
Donald Dixon is researching a book on the use of Austro-Hungarian Army (k.k. Army) weapons by the Federals and Confederates in the American Civil War. After the American Springfield rifle musket and the British Enfield rifle muskets, the k.k. Army weapons were the third most widely used arms in the war, with the Federals importing more than 350,000 and the Confederates in excess of 100,000. The Federals could not have fought the war without the k.k. Army weapons through mid-1863, and the Confederates could not have fought the war in 1864-5 without them. Despite this, the arms and their use is very poorly documented in English.

Volunteer Carbine by Henry Nock
In about 1798, the great London gun maker Henry Nock produced a rifled carbine for the London and Westminster Light Horse Volunteers. The rifles were fitted with the Nock chambered patent breech and the Nock screwless lock.

For a research project 'Volunteer Carbine by Henry Nock' presents the researchers findings to date and sets out assistance that he is seeking.

19th Century Riflemen
The 19th Century saw a huge growth in interest in rifle target shooting. Queen's Prize winners were hailed as hero's and thousands of spectators turned up to witness the long range international matches. Who were these riflemen that attracted such public attention....? Research Press publishes an Index of 19th Century Riflemen where more can be learnt.

Please consider sharing information and pictures that you may have: if you can help, contact Research Press.

Whitworth Research Project
Bill Curtis and De Witt Bailey have an ongoing research project concerning original Whitworth rifles. If you have access to ANY original hex bore Whitworth from the period 1857-1865 please note its serial number and letter for recording. Send information to Bill Curtis:
Warning! - Notes regarding the following original Whitworth rifles; numbers 449, B376, B678, C575

Thomas Wilson his Patents, Arms and Ammunition
Andrew Appleby of Cape Town, South Africa, is researching the little known Victorian Engineer, Thomas Wilson and his rifle systems in order to write a definitive book on this man and provide some insight into his weapons system work conducted during the 1860’s and later.